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Empirical understanding of school leaders’ ethical judgements: Applications of the Ethical Perspectives Instrument

Ori Eyal, Izhak Berkovich
2023, Routledge

Education policy, theories and trends in the 21st century: International and Israeli perspectives

Izhak Berkovich
2021, Springer

Public policy in the digital age of information

Amit Avigur-Eshel, Izhak Berkovich
2022, Academon Publishing

Publication in Hebrew

A model of emotional leadership in schools: Effective leadership to support teachers’ emotional wellness

Izhak Berkovich, Ori Eyal
2020, Routledge

Digital protest and activism in public education: Reactions to neoliberal restructuring in Israel

Izhak Berkovich, Amit Avigur-Eshel
2019, Emerald Publishing